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Les Dents-du-Midi
Alison Smith

I was born to Canadian parents and brought up speaking French and English in a small village in the Swiss Alps. I started travelling at the age of 20 and never stopped until my husband and I moved to Canada in 2008. I have been teaching children for most of the past 27 years in different countries around the world (Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and now Canada). I set up the daycare 13 years ago when my first-born was 2 years old-my kids are now teenagers! 

During my many years of teaching I have come to understand something about neurodiversity, which I feel helps me see each child for the unique and complex humans they are. I love the opportunity that conflict and misunderstanding bring! One of my gifts is really listening to the kids to help them express what is on their minds, and also help them communicate with others. When a child asks me a question, my two answers are usually: “What do YOU think?” or “Let’s find out together.” I also love making up songs, tales and even yoga stories about our daily activities - the children love collaborating in their creation!

I have my Early Childhood Education Certificate from BC, as well as my Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten (3–6) Diploma in the Montessori Method from NAMC. I also have a diploma in Neo-Humanist Education from Sweden.

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