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Alison Smith

I have come to understand a lot about neurodiversity over the years, which helps me truly see children for who they are. I believe kids do as well as they can according to their current brain development and to whether their physical and emotional needs are being met.

I also love the opportunity that conflict and misunderstanding bring! One of my gifts is really listening to the kids in order to help them express what is on their minds, and communicate it to others. 

I have been teaching children for the past 20 years in different countries around the world, such as Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and Canada. I was born and brought up speaking French in a small village in Switzerland, so I speak a lot of French in the daycare!

Over the years I have especially enjoyed teaching yoga, meditation, art, music, English, and French to the children in my care. I base my teaching on Neo-Humanism, a philosophy that encompasses a universal outlook, caring for self, each other, animals and plants, as well as the practice of yoga and meditation. 

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